Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday morning at home

Last nights excess is nothing now but a sharp headache. I have taken as much as painkillers medically allowed deadening the pain. The spliff I just smoked helps relieve the hangover. My tongue feels like sandpaper. The carton of soya milk I drank with the painkillers is helping somewhat to calm my stomach. I am hoping all the meds and the spilff will kick in soon.
I reach up to the side table by my bed and gulp down the mug of overly sweetened black coffee and look to see if the paper man has come. The air conditioner drones softly. I am protected from the Sunday morning heat that swells up from the tar roads of Colombo as the sun rises. Soon it will be just too hot to think about doing anything or going anywhere. My three Sunday papers, the Observer, Times and the Leader are unceremoniously dumped on my bed by the disapproving wife. She and the kid are slowly up and about getting ready for their usual Sunday plans. ODEL for shopping and strolling about and then return home for lunch. Always Chinese on a Sunday, always from Chinese Dragon. By then hopefully I have finished my newspapers, showered and feel a wee better. Ready for lunch and back to bed to sleep off any reminder of Saturday night. It was a good night, had dinner with the family at Kolu’s Kiss Kiss bar, dropped them home and hooked up with Paddy at Cascades. Mahesh and Leo joined afterwards and memories of Kiribath at Trans Asia at 5 in the morning ensured that the weekends partying was max.
The microwave beeps me out of my revere. Last night was at Cooka’s house in Ilford for his kid’s birthday. I as usual walk in with my compulsory bottle of booze and thrill all the yummy and not so yummy mummies at the party. ‘Aney Dhammika vut men this is a kids party no?’ WTF…
My kids on concert band tour in Spain, so its just Lems and I, she’s driving and I have the license to party. Ate a load of cutlis, patis and mutton rolls, drank lots of Glenmorangie, smoked some really good shit (mine) and enjoyed the wonderful company at Cooks. Nalin, Lily, Ruwan, Cader, Adrian, Mega and Eggy deserve special mention. Lily as always gave me my Bilal’s lampries to takeaway for Sunday morning. The short eats I ate last night are a weak memory, the microwave beep reminding me the food is ready. I am hoping all the painkillers, spliff and now the lamprie will finally sooth my hangover.
I am back. The lamprie was delicious. Oily but delicious and I do feel better. The hangover has reached the stage where it’s now a manageable dull throb somewhere near my temple.
Different weekends, different countries, same bloody hangover.
Khan lost in four rounds to Garcia last night in Vegas. Fights showing again on Sky in 30 minutes.
So I am going now. Bye.

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