Monday, 21 May 2012

A post untitled for a reason

A post untitled for a reason

If you take what is considered dubious political language, I would be right. Yes, coming from a Sinhala, Buddhist, Govigama background and to add insult, from Kandy, I would be appropriately labelled as a racist nationalist.

But more to the intended post. Quite recently I was called an ‘Egoistical Bastard’ by someone who I considered friend. Maybe the introductory paragraph may have added to this new label. Many times I have been called a fool by my near and dear. A few times that I am proud. Those far and afar popularly call me ‘Crazy’.

You my reader I hope is reading with none of these preconceived theories of my impeccable character.

So egoistical bastard (EB) was quite new. The intended subject of my post. About three months are a past when this piece of information was passed on to me. Once seeing from my trained instinct of the said friend making a motion of kicking me when my back was turned, emotions were throttled due to expectation. Since then three months are past and this label kept going through my mind. But, why? I kept asking myself. So I hope hereafter, as I put pen on paper this is laid to rest.

“I am no different from anyone else. Otherwise this world would have never seen African Americans (pun intended), Israelites or Pakistani British, Jake Brits, Indian Americans  etc. From a young age my parents encouraged me to explore. Beyond Sri Lanka. Everyone in the family believed in a good education opening doors to the rest of the world. I was the youngest. I believed the world was mine. I still do. I have seen more sorrow than happiness, hunger, depression and destitution. All strangely my own doing for my parents brought me up like a prince. Where ever I went, the US, UK, India, Singapore or anywhere I always did as I please. Looking back, I hurt myself and more, my loved ones by these actions. I still make mistakes. Still I refuse to but live life to the fullest. I wear my heart on my sleeve, what you get is what you see and I am one of the most loyal friends someone can have. So my friends are few, but all precious and real friends. People who’ll unsuspectingly lend me money. So racist nationalist I maybe, egoistical bastard, No Never.”

My dog? Yes.