Friday, 2 September 2011

Reality and imagination merge. But these posts are nothing but my imagination. Stephen King is my favourite author. He relates to Maine his hometown and borrows from his real life experiences. I have endeavoured to do the same. I hope you enjoy reading these little snippets of my hometown, they are but imagined somewhere deep in my mind.
I am in the process of working on two other manuscripts. This is an exercise to judge if I do have the talent as a storyteller. Maybe one day I will publish or rather find an agent willing to pursue the publication of my narratives.
You will be one of those then who can say you read my first book online on a blog. With no grandiose aspirations as the booker prize, I write to relieve some of my frustrations. Please do comment on these posts, you will help my learning curve for I have had no formal training as a writer.
Thank you Stephen King for the inspiration.